Dracula, the Musical

(Tokyo International Forum, 2011)

Script / Subtitles

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Translator’s note:
This translation was done based on the Broadway script, and I have used the original lines whenever possible. The songs were translated aurally, and I have tried to keep the meaning and word choices as close to the original as possible.

Main Cast

Count Dracula: Wao Youka
Mina Murray: Hanafusa Mari
Lucy Westernra: Abe Natsumi
Jonathan Harker: Konishi Ryosei
Jack Seward: Kamiyama Ryuji

Arthur Holmwood: Yazaki Hiroshi
Renfield: Onoda Ryunosuke
Quincey Morris: Matsuhara Tsuyoshi
Abraham Van Helsing: Suzuki Soma


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DVD: KT-20110827
Cast recording: –